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In the quiet, red earth hills west of Saint Affrique, a 45 ha area has become the birthplace of the non-profit association . Originating from the initiative for a Free University in the countryside, a center for research and experimentation has developed at this place. Here, knowledge can be gained, shared and applied, and new ecological, social, therapeutic and cultural models can be tested practically.

A lifestyle that combines solidarity and community spirit with physical, mental and spiritual well-being in contact with nature is an integral part of our project. The quietness of the countryside, the swimming pool and the sauna contribute to this as well as artistic and sport activities.

In a world that is, paradoxically, more globalized than ever and at the same time increasingly polarized and divided, we want to maintain and create connections. We want to focus on our living together as a human community and promote collective intelligence, without neglecting individual creativity and personal responsibility.

also intends to be a forum where different points of view meet. Voices that are not taken into consideration in the media and traditional educational institutions can then enrich the discussion – we consider that freedom of opinion is indispensable for the development of new ideas.

To achieve these goals, an ecological, largely energy-autonomous building complex was built and made available to the public at the beginning of 2017 with the support of the endowment fund FCE. Here we organize, coordinate and support voluntary activities in different areas: science, culture, health, ecology and social life.

For this purpose, we provide:
  • a library fund with ca. 50 000 books of scientific and fictional literature in different languages
  • a multimedia exhibition room
  • broadband internet connection in all work and living rooms
  • accommodation capacity: 4 two-bed rooms with bath, 2 fully equipped kitchens
  • our own publishing house for publications on the topics of
  • translation service for users of the library
  • language courses
  • a scientific lab and a specialized ornithological experimental station (under development)

All these facilities enable us to offer spaces for working and accommodation to interested researchers, the ability to organize conferences, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, concerts and public readings, hold working groups for specific topics, and to support them by, among others, publishing the research results.

Currently, we are engaged in the following topics:
  • development of public consciousness – synchronic and diachronic investigations
  • “contextual socialisation” using the example of A. Makarenko’s educational experiment
  • documentation and evaluation of alternative community experiments
  • experimentation in creative approaches to learn the German language
  • specialised ornithology: empirical investigations of the behavior as well as of the natural and cultural evolution of the dove Columbia livia.

Moreover, we plan ecological researches, in particular related to:
  • storage of renewable energies
  • restoration of the hydrological equilibrium and increase of the fertility of the soil by water retention (Holzer method)
  • fertilisation and water regulation by BRF (bois raméal fragmenté – an innovative approach developed in Canada); a special machine and tractors are available.

We are open to further activities within the frame of the commitment of and invite everyone interested to get involved actively.

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